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Safety is a deeply held core value at Frontier Tubular Solutions

Throughout our history Frontier Tubular Solutions has used our strong operational foundation to maintain a safe, injury and incident free workplace that provides healthy working conditions with strong environmental accountability. Frontier Tubular Solutions is recognized as the industry leader for Health, Safety and Environmental performance by applying and maintaining a proactive focus on prevention management and reduction of risks.

The key elements of Frontier Tubular Solutions Safety, Health and Environmental (HSE) policy focus on:

  • Defined HSE Expectations
  • HSE Compliance
  • HSE Training
  • Strong HSE Communication
  • Immediate Reporting of all HSE Issues
  • HSE Measurement
  • Consistent HSE Accountability
  • Continual HSE Improvement

In our business, the quality of our planning ultimately determines the safety of our business. Frontier Tubular Solutions builds quality and safety into all its operations by first conducting thorough technical planning, comprehensive job evaluations and complete risk analysis. We place a high degree of focus on recruiting and retention of experienced personnel to ensure consistent and safe execution.

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